The topics discussed in the readings are interesting because they expand on issues that I have with the college system in our current day America. I already was aware of the notions that college is way too expensive and after college they still reap the money from students with the loans system, Sally Mae was already such a for profit nightmare. The need to look good to society on a social ladder is a very interesting way of showing this dangerous greed. The school’s want to climb this ladder of “look how nice your life will be here” aesthetic and that shows with evidence of different amenities offered to students. The Covid19 pandemic has certainly opened a lot of peoples’ eyes up to these issues. Many people are being charged more for an online and unstable learning environment that is being rivaled by other ways of learning skills.

That’s what most of this boils down to as well, the development of skills. There are people who are skilled or become skilled without the need of going to a university, but this piece of paper is starting to hold weight in our society. Places won’t hire you without a degree, or places will see you as lesser without a degree. It’s not easy anymore to obtain one, yet employees are starting to demand that employees have one. This is an endless cycle of debt and poverty. Those who can not go to college or want to take that financial debt or can even get access to a loan are now stuck in a poor job market that keeps them in poverty and people who can take on the risk are now stuck with debt for 30 to 40 years. It’s a violent cycle that only benefits the wealthy. The over saturation of job markets also leads to the underpayment of labor, where the employers now see a larger job pool so they choose to play lower to line their pockets. This topic is so hard for me to discuss personally because it really gives me little hope for the future. I want to be financially stable but everyday I hurt in some place and even with my computer science degree some job offers are coming up below what minimum wage should be for our current day. It’s so stressful and I don’t know how much longer I could survive in a world like this where even with such terrible pay, we are expected to pay premiums for inadequate services.